products-en Comprehensive Imaging Solution for Surgical Operating Rooms

Comprehensive Imaging Solution for Surgical Operating Rooms enables to manage all at once on one touch panel screen includes various images of 4K surgical field camera, panoramic cameras, endoscopes, operating microscopes, medical records/PACS, ultrasound equipment, and bioinformation.


Customizable user interface and flexible scalability

In addition to checking the progress of surgery, the system efficiently records, plays back, and edits surgical image in high image quality. We also provide one-stop solutions, including installation of cameras and equipment and countermeasures against possible failures, to help achieve smooth introduction and operation.

Delivery server system is as reliable as a bank

Servers are constantly monitored using an active standby cluster system.

In the event of a failure, the server is automatically switched over within one minute, with no impact on business operations.

Strong Security and System Safety

For the first time in Japan, by adopting Android, a Linux-based operating system, for the control system in the operating room and the receiving terminal image switching tablet at the distribution destination, it enables to secure overwhelmingly higher security and freeze-free stability than conventional Windows.

Maintainability and complete follow-up system in case of failure.

In the event of a software failure, a quick response is possible through remote maintenance.
In addition, hardware failure will be replaced and repaired on site by a technician.Our periodic inspections ensure full follow-up at site.

Image of Comprehensive Imaging Solution for Surgical Operating Rooms

Image Switching Terminal (Anesthesia Room, Nurse Station, ICU)

Operation of the control panel and functions of the recording unit

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