products-en Audio Solution for Medical Facilities

It is a high sound quality intercom system for real-time two-way audio communication to facilitate transactions between medical staffs in remote locations that contributes to operational efficiency and safety management through real-time information sharing.


Two-way voice(audio)communication

At least 2 and up to 10 people can talk at the same time in the operating room(site) or in a conference room.

Hands-free and ready to use.

Both hands are free to work with.
Installation is easy and smooth.

Even during local anesthesia operations.

Staff members can talk to each other during local anesthesia procedures such as Catheterization without being heard by the patient.

Full Care for impact on medical equipments.

As with in-hospital PHS, the 1.9 GHz frequency is also considered to have an impact on medical equipment in the hospital.

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