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Image Management Systems

Patented: Patent No. 7016068

This system enables centrally control connecting to “image management system, multiple modality images used in catheterization room and operating rooms all at once in a large screen of a large monitor.
Image management system facilitates an easy-to-view layout from the surgeon’s point of view.
According to the case and progress of the procedure,

Image of Image Management System

Monitor Size Lineup

Remote Image Distribution Systems

Necessary Image information from each modality during treatment in the cardiac catheterisation room can be distributed to conference rooms, auditoriums and remote live sites via hospital LAN or external LAN circuits.
Information sharing through multiple image data enables to check the current status in real time during treatment and it also contributes for the remote treatment support, live demonstrations, clinical research and risk management.


Live Demonstration

Effective live demonstrations can be performed using image display and voice communication in the cardiac catheterization room, connected in real time to a remote live relay room.

Clinical research

Both Images and audio information can be recorded in real time during in-hospital conferences and remote live webcasts for effective use in clinical research.

Remote Guidance

The system can be connected in real time to the in-hospital conference room for effective remote guidance using images and voice.
By Utilizing Image display and audio communications in the cardiac catheterisation room, the system can be connected to the in-hospital conference room in real time for effective remote guidance.

Features of Remote Image Distribution System-Remote two-way communication

Voice interactive communication is possible

A wireless headset allows voice communication between the cardiac catheterization room and the in-house conference room or remote live relay room.

Annotation function

Annotation panels can be used to write on Image information in operation rooms, in-hospital conference rooms, and remote live broadcast rooms.
Real-time display of the written images enables remote instruction to staff in the cardiac catheterization room.

Capable of multi-point connection and image composite display

Multiple images of the medical scene can be simultaneously selected for composite display in a conference room, auditorium, or remote live relay room.

Multiple camera operations possible

Pan, tilt, and zoom operation of multiple viewing cameras installed in the cardiac catheterization suite in a hospital conference room, auditorium, or remote live broadcast room.

Features of Remote Image Distribution System-Image display function

Multiple image information can be selected and displayed as a composite

It is possible to select and display video information from a cardiac catheterization room in a hospital conference room or remote live relay room, as well as select and combine multiple images at the same time.

Wireless touch panel for easy operation

A wireless touch panel is used to select video information. Multiple image information selection, composite display selection, and camera operation can be easily customized.

Image of remote image distribution system

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