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The Apollo21 Remote Support Solution is a medical webinar system originally developed to meet the needs of hospitals, which allows conventional conferences and seminars to be held online.
It enables to share live endoscopic images during surgery with conference participants both in and out of the hospital, and can also be remotely connected online with physicians and vendors who are registered with the system.
The system supports more comfortable and efficient work environment for medical staffs which is enables two-way audio communication through voice calls, by using the annotation function writing directly on the surgical field images with clear instructions down to the smallest details.



Live surgical images from the hospital, panoramic cameras, and other multiple video systems can be shared with all conference participants.
The system can be shared with all participants in a conference. It also has voice call function, annotation function, and speech control function,and speech control functions.

Annotation Function

Conference participants can freely enter text and draw figures.
In addition, the user name of the person writing by hand is displayed on the screen, making it clear who is writing. the user name of the person who is writing by hand on the screen, so you can clearly see who is writing by hand. the user name of the person who is writing by hand on the screen.

Privacy Protection Function

The distribution of personal information can be masked as confidential, preventing the leakage of information outside the hospital. Communication data is encrypted using SSL of world-standard security technology, and tampering is detected.

Support for Starlink use

Available anywhere in the world, it is compatible with Starlink, a satellite high-speed broadband Internet connection developed by SpaceX.Satellite communications create a comfortable network environment and allow you to work more efficiently in communication-poor areas that are inaccessible with conventional terrestrial networks.

Capable of acquiring video from other systems

Full panorama cameras installed in hospitals, video switchers, and our remote distribution system, Video acquisition from our remote distribution system, video synthesis system, and surgical video information system is possible.

Apollo21 system operational image

Example of Apollo21 in conjunction with other systems

In addition to medical information such as vitals, electronic medical records, and PACS, camera images in the operating room can be distributed in real time, and cameras in the operating room can be operated from a different location via Apollo21, which enables two-way voice communication. In addition, even in remote areas where it is difficult to access the terrestrial network, a stable high-speed Internet environment can be created by using Starlink’s satellite communications. Furthermore, detailed instructions can be confirmed in real time by writing directly on the surgical image using the annotation function.
The acquired image screen can be switched layouts and the recording can be edited.

Features of Starlink

High Speed Internet

Provides high-speed Internet connections close to fiber-optic speeds and download speeds of up to 1 Gbps.Global Coverage High-speed Internet access is available anywhere on the This enables high-speed Internet access in remote areas and in times of disaster.

Low latency

Low latency due to the use of satellites placed in low orbit, making them suitable for real-time applications.


MobileSatellite is also mobile, enabling high-speed Internet access even when on the move, such as at sea or in a vehicle.


Economical Installation costs are much lower than conventional lines, and the system can be used from the same day.


Connection to or combination with terrestrial lines is possible

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