products-en 3D Monitoring and Recording System for Surgical Robots

The 3D Monitoring and Recording system for surgical robots projects the primary surgeon’s surgical images onto external 3D monitors so that all surgical staffs can see the surgical field imagery in 3D.
To capture a sense of three-dimensionality and distance, it allows visual accurate supports for the primary surgeon and improve accuracy and safety.



3D control system for surgical robots

Unified adjustment for 3D parallax Simultaneous output of Line-by-Line and Side-by-Side methods.Supporting additional 3D monitors, recording devices, and video distribution.

Accurately reproduces the unique visuals specific to surgical robots.

Faithfully displays the robot’s original output visuals in either 2D or 3D format.

Choose the monitor size according to the application or purpose.

For the assistant doctor, select a 32-inch monitor, and for the surgical staff and observers, choose a 55-inch monitor.

Recording devices can be selected to meet your needs and budget

Dedicated local recording equipment, server-compatible recording systems Wide selection of media for recording, including BD, memory, and external HDD.Recorded video can be played back on consumer BD players

Connections between the robot body and each device are simple, and Easy to maintain

The system is designed with multiple output channels and alternative connections in preparation for potential malfunctions, with a focus on safety measures.

Image of the 3D Monitoring and Recording System for Surgical Robots

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