• 2007.5.

    Establishment of SkyJet Co., Ltd.

  • 2009.10.

    Recognized and Certified under Kobe City's Business Certification Program "X-KOBE" for Operating Business Jet Service.

  • 2010.7.

    Contracted for Development of 3D System for daVinci Surgical Robots from Kobe University School of Medicine.

  • 2010.8.

    Ongoing Joint Research Agreement with Kobe University Hospital regarding Surgical Imaging Systems.

  • 2012.6.

    Delivery of the first daVinci 3D System to Kobe University Hospital.

  • 2012.6.

    Entering into Sales agreement with Leica Microsystems for 3D Convertor.

  • 2012.7.

    Commencement of Operations for Remote Imaging Surgery Support System between Kobe University Hospital and Seirei Mikatahara General Hospital.

  • 2014.4.

    Approval of the Management Innovation Business Plan.

  • 2014.7.

    Completion of Product Development for the World's first 3D Tablet and the Commencement of Sales.

  • 2014.12.

    Grant Approval for the 2014 fiscal year Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Small Business Owner Productivity Improvement, Commerce, and Service Innovation Subsidy.

  • 2015.9

    Completion of Product Development for Surgical Imaging Support System For Operating Rooms and contracted for National University Hospital.

  • 2018.6.

    Establishment of Research and Development Lab within the Kobe University Hospital International Clinical Cancer Research Center.

  • 2019.7.

    Commencement of Sales of Remote communication System for Circulatory System

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