About Us

About us

Company Name Skyjet Medical Co., Ltd.
Address 5th Floor, Yomiuri Kobe Building, 1-2-10 Sakaemachi-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe,
Hyogo, 650-0023, Japan
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・Phone: (+81) 78-381-5670
Representative Director President Tokio Goto
Business Description We specialize in the development and sales of medical imaging systems.
Product Offerings ・3D Monitoring and Recording System for Surgical Robots
・Apollo21 Remote Support Solution
・Comprehensive Imaging Solution for Surgical Operating Room
・Imaging Solution for Angiography Room
・Various Panoramic Camera
・Audio Solution for Medical Facilities
・Various Monitors
・Design, Development, Planning and Prototype Production of New Products and Services
Website https://www.skyjet.jp/en/

Advances in medicine have been brought about by a variety of factors.
New medical technologies and clinical research have been developed based on basic research and clinical studies, and patients can now be treated and diagnosed more accurately and efficiently. SkyJet contributes to the advancement of medicine by incorporating the latest technologies into medical science. 

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